Fakty Komentarze Analiza (Facts Comments Analysis) l Changes in payment obligations as of 1 January 2015


What’s new in law, and what should you be aware of?


The changes to be implemented as of 1 January 2015 will mostly apply to payment obligations incumbent on banks, employers, and entities maintaining securities accounts and summary accounts, as well as other taxpayers, if they perform cross-border transactions and are under an obligation to obtain a certificate of residency. 


The payment obligation for banks will be extended within the scope of their promotion activities. Employers, on the other hand, will less frequently withhold taxes on compensation paid out to their employees. The changes will not affect entities maintaining securities accounts and summary accounts as the payment rules applicable to them will be harmonised.


From the beginning of 2015, larger taxpayers will be under an obligation to file certain tax declarations, reports and information in an electronic form. This obligation will pertain to statements in PIT-8C, PIT-11, PIT-R, IFT-1/IFT-1R, IFT-3/IFT-3R forms, PIT-4R and PIT-8AR tax reports, and PIT-40 annual tax returns, including profits earned in 2014.

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